I can’t recommend Amy highly enough! I first contacted her because I was experiencing severe arm, neck, and shoulder pain that was exacerbated by extreme stress. I had been told by many people that I needed to try yoga but I have always been too self-conscious and intimidated, so I figured I’d give a private lesson a try. Amy was so kind and so thoughtful, and I never once felt intimidated or embarrassed when I couldn’t do something just right. She spent time really observing my body so she could develop personalized routines, and she clearly explained each customized move (and emailed me amazing little drawings of each afterwards that I could refer back to when I inevitably forgot how to do them). She also noticed, in our very first lesson, that I was “reverse breathing” (my stomach went in when I took a breath in and out when I exhaled) and she taught me tricks on how to change that, which had a huge impact on my stress and energy levels. The routines that she built for me have helped me both reduce my physical pain and reground when I start to feel overwhelmed. Amy is fantastic and I am so glad that I found her!

~ Jessica Lewis

Amy is an outstanding private yoga instructor. I was referred to her by a friend for help returning to exercise after an ankle injury flare-up. She carefully asked questions about my physical and emotional state, then designed a deep and healing practice for me to do on my own. She created a guided practice recording that I play on my phone to help me through the routine. Each week we check in to keep me on track and she adds to or adjusts the practice. Amy is present, kind, and a beautiful spirit. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

~ Jessica Buchsbaum

Having weekly private sessions with Amy has absolutely changed my life.  She is extremely knowledgeable about “all things yoga” and is happy to answer my many questions.  At our first session, we talked about my goals and Amy keeps those goals as a focus for all of our work.  After each of our sessions, she emails me an updated, illustrated (she does the most wonderful stick figures!) sheet of the poses and exercises we did.  She has also provided me with a variety of short breathing/meditation recordings that I love doing at the end of my daily practice.  The most important thing is that I can feel and see differences in my body based on what Amy has taught me….and my chiropractor, who treats me for scoliosis, has commented that she really notices improvement in the alignment and flexibility of my back.

~ Robin Levy

I met with Amy to find out more about Viniyoga Therapy. She is very passionate about helping people heal through yoga. Amy taught me a simple but powerful breathing exercise that I continue to practice regularly, and I find that it really helps me meditate and relieve stress especially when I don’t have much extra time.

~ Kerry Lindell