I offer both individual and group yoga therapy sessions.  Individual sessions provide the opportunity to delve deeply into your unique condition and craft a practice that addresses direct and indirect sources of discomfort.  Group classes offer the benefits of companionship and support from friends and colleagues facing similar issues.  Please contact me to see which is the best approach for you.

Online Morning Classes available Mondays and Wednesdays 8:30 – 9:30 AM (PT)

Join me for a one-hour online Viniyoga class on Monday and Wednesday mornings at 8:30 AM.  Start your day with some mindful movement, breath work, and guided meditation. Payment accepted but not required. Contact me for the link and payment options.

One-on-One Yoga Therapy

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Initial Session (90 minutes)

  • Comprehensive intake on physical and mental health, habits, lifestyle, etc.
  • Discussion of priorities and goals for yoga therapy
  • Assessment of physical structure, movement patterns, breathing
  • Development of a personal practice that may include some or all of the following:
    • Breath-centered movement and postures
    • Seated breathing practice
    • Meditation
    • Journal writing
    • Chanting/sound exploration
  • Written copy of the practice to guide you in your personal practice between yoga therapy sessions
  • Voice recording of some or all of the practice (if desired)

Follow Up Session (60 minutes)

  • Check in based on your practice since the last session
  • Refinement of the practice to build on the progress you’ve made, correct for aspects that aren’t working for you, and introduce new elements based on changing conditions
  • Updated copy of the practice

Group classes

Yoga Therapy for Groups

Private classes for small groups can be arranged around a common issue (examples: stress relief, prenatal or postpartum, plantar fasciitis).  Copies of the practices will be provided to all participants.

Yoga Walks

Yoga walks are 90-minute classes in local open spaces that include about 45 minutes of walking/hiking and 45 minutes of yoga along the trail.  A yoga walk can be scheduled regularly for a group of friends or colleagues, or as a one-time event such as a birthday party, work retreat, or family adventure.

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